Dear Friends,

    I HATE THAT SO MANY BELIEVE A TOTAL ASS HOLE LIKE BOZOBAMA.   Obama did not do shit he said he would do, said sorry for America and throws Israel under the bus.    OBAMA is a total ass hole loser country ruiner.    If you can not see he is trying to ruin America you also are a country ruiner.    Tell me FRIEND what the hell has Obama done right or good.    What has he done that he said he would do.    All he wants or ever wanted were the messed up dreams of his stupid ass FATHER.    A ONE MAN FRICKEN WRECKING ASS.    

    Why when Obama does shit nobody sees it ????    He started health care saying it would cost less but it is going to cost more.    Electric BS he tried to sue the mining industry.    He took GOD OUT OF HIS CONVENTION.    Obama is going to cause America to FAIL.    Lower the size of our military and grow government bigger and bigger.    WHO WILL WE COUNT ON NOW THAT GOD IS GONE ????   

    Gary Anderson,   San Diego       

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  1. Docinbird

    Did you take your meds today, Gary? You know how you get when you forget…

    September 27, 2012
  2. GovMisdirection

    Yeah Gary, you’ve covered all the ways to call a guy an asshole. Pick another body part and ROCK!
    You asked: Obama is good at vacations………..I read it cost us $295,000/ DAY for him to vacation at camp David!

    September 28, 2012