OBAMA, Dems Are Now The Worlds Biggest ASS HOLES

Dear Friends,

    I am an ind, I vote for who ever is best for the USA NOT WHO IS A DEM OR REP.    Obama said he was a radical and had all radical friends.    Level the playing field MY ASS, THIS GUY IS RADICAL, A LIAR and a SOCIALIST, ASS HOLE.    God is right, Obama is a left lying ass hole.    Obama just sucks up to the athiests, Anti God, Gay fricken nut bags and than backs the illegals.     We have like 46 million on welfare and we still kiss the asses of the illegals.    WHO is running this damn country anyways.     We have 15 million illegals when do we start to worry about US ????     We can not allow illegals to ALL Come Here.   

    We need jobs and we need money.    We allow every fricken illegal to come here WHEN WE NEED THOSE JOBS.    We forgive debt of others when we owe 16 trillion.    How can we be so fricken stupid ????    Obama did nothing but in little minds they think he did.    I mostly stay mostly on the right because of GOD.    Obama is for gay marriage, ASS HOLE.   You can like gay marriage all you want but God is right and Obama is a LIAR, Socialist, Radical ASS HOLE.    Look around the world, ASS HOLES run this world and Obama is the worst one.    TALK ABOUT THE ECONOMY ASS HOLE.     OBAMA, WORST PRESIDENT EVER.   

    Obama NEVER would have gotten in back when GOD was here.    Obama took God out of his convention, STUPID.    No matter what Obama does wrong there are enough losers that think well of this ASS HOLE.     All we have on our side is GOD, we will have to see if that is enough.     I do not think there is enough God left any more.    Obama has all of the losers, athiests, antiGOD and just ASS HOLES on his side.     The dreams of his father must be to destroy AMERICA.    Obama has not told the truth since i do not know WHEN.    The worst president EVER.

    WASTED MONEY ON SOLYNDRA and others.    Trying to sue the mining industries.    Saying sorry for America and spreading the wealth.    Spending trillions on JACK SHIT.    He said he would cut our debt, LIAR.    He spent 5 trillion without even getting kissed after.    Obama should be shot not running this country.    His BS health Care bull shit with his electric BS not far behind.    I wish the fricken retards would wake the hell up, AT LEAST OPEN ONE EYE.    This is not about Romney but what the hell Obama has done.     He has spent 5 trillion on shit, ASS HOLE.

    Obama has done more to destroy America than to fix us.    He has "F"ed with all of our enemies.    He throws Israel under the bus, ASS HOLE.    Obama has done shit but nobody cares, ASS HOLES.    If it were me I would kick Obama the hell out of America and send the "F"ed up media with him.     I hope they are ok with that ASS HOLE for another four years.    I guess we know who to blame WHEN EVERYTHING FAILS.    Obama seeked out radical, marxists, communists and socialists, ASS HOLE.    Obama said he would cut the budget but added to it big time.    OBAMA is by far the worst thing that could happen to America.    Obama is so full of SHIT.

    Nobody remembers Bill Ayers, Rev Right or any of the other LOSERS.    I am fricken poor now I doubt Romney could hurt me at all.    I know Obama could totally ruin America.    I do not want to give the rich peoples money away THAT THEY EARNED.     Why is Obama starting a rich verses poor war ????    Give the riches money to the crack heads ????    I am sure Obama is getting votes somehow or he would not do it.     I feel sorry for those who does not see what a total loser and ASS HOLE he is.    No hope and change, no open goverrnment, BULL SHIT.    He did not cut the fricken budget AS HE SAID, MORE BS.   

    Obama just drank, smoked pot and did blow, HE SHOULD BE IN JAIL.    I use this to show my kids that he is FUCKED UP IN THE HEAD.    He has a plan for America and it does not include YOU OR ME.    DID OBAMA tell you how he intends on paying China back ????    People have been running America for hundreds of years, now we have OBAMA F---ing everything up.    I think we have a lot of Americans that should NOT VOTE.    Why do we have to have illegals decide our president ????    Democrats always have an edge because they have all of the sinners, anti God, athiests, gays, unions and illegals.    Obama the worst PRESIDENT EVER.

    Obama seeked out nothing but radical ass holes and appointed radicals as czars.    YOU WILL NOT LIKE Where Obama is taking us, YOU WILL BE SO SORRY.    So many people say it is a race thing, HE GOT IN ONCE.    I was hoping he would do something besides BS us.    I do not like that ASS HOLE because he did nothing he said.    There is no color shit there it is all because he fricken LIED.    His BS bull shit for illegals and gay marriage BS for votes.    I am so pissed off that he said sorry for America, DAMN YOU ARE OUR PRESIDENT.     Everything is broken and Obama needs to fix it.     He is a smooth taker and will sell you his BULL SHIT.   

    I can not stand to even look at that ASS HOLE never mind vote for that LOSER.     It is not Obamas lies that will get him elected but those who believe his BULL SHIT.     After this election we need to get rid of the lying ass hole media.     Obama wants to spread the wealth, HE IS DOING THAT ALREADY.     Look to see how much crime costs America.    All of the gangs, shootings, murders and BULL SHIT.    The cost of judges, cops and jails.     I have not cost America nothing, no cops, judges, murders or jail.     I do not hire illegals and send them to emergency to get treated on OUR DIME.    I do not give them free health care while we pay.    I think if we must all have to have paid health care than they should also.    

    America USED to be RICH now we have spent everything even our kids future.    NOBODY can see that Obama has spent us into a hell hole.    I am sure America will wake the hell up but will it be too late ????    Nobody loves Obama more than Obama.    He gives him self a B+, my ass.    That is his view not mine because he fricken flunks as far as I can tell.     You must stand back and look at what the ass hole has done and said.     Obama is by far the worst president EVER.

    Gary Anderson,    San Diego 

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  1. GovMisdirection

    Maybe that is why the sexual perverts love Obama, he’s an ‘ass hole’ or recreation area.

    September 25, 2012