OBAMA, He Is An Ass Hole But Nobody Seems To See It

Dear Friends,

     HOW DO YOU SEE OBAMA ????    Maybe you like a broke America and a lying, socialist, radical ass hole that bashes the right.    PLEASE talk about the economy and how you will pay back everything you are spending.    Maybe you have a plan on how to pay back CHINA.     You never said you were going to spend Americas future.    I thought you said you would have hope and change and an open government.    I never thought you said you would spend America TO HELL.    You said you would cut the debt but have spent trillions.    I guess what you said was just for votes.     Now being against GOD and for gay marriage you are showing your true colors.   

    With America hiding their God you feel it is time to take over.    America does not do much but when you try to remove GOD all together.    DID YOU KNOW that Obama took God out of there convention ????   SOMEBODY bitched because they put God back in.    When the four people got killed Obama called and said sorry.    It is time to put OUR GOD back on top where he belongs.    None of them have progressed at all for like the last few hundred years.    America was on top because we worked for it the people out there just fighting, STUPID ASSES.    They fight for their God, what has their God done for them ????   

    Iran, North Korea, how many of them are really Godly people.    Now with the left loosing their fricken minds it looks like America might be next.    We have replaced God with gay because OUR GOD may offend but gay doesn't.    The left is fricken crazy as hell, getting rid of God is a LARGE MISTAKE.   God made us and he can destroy us, Obama has one side and not the right side.    THE DREAMS of his father is just BULL SHIT.    Obama said he was a radical with radical friends and they have radical ideas.    SPREAD THE WEALTH, now tell me did they work for spreading the wealth ????   Obama is spending us in to a very big HELL HOLE.

    He spent over 5 trillion dollars, WHAT AN ASSHOLE.    Who will pay back all of this money, WHO CARES ???    Obama is a total ass hole ruining America.    Everybody sees Obama as doing good when he did nothing he said he would do.    He does nothing he said he would do and nothing in the last four years BUT people still kiss his ASS.    NOW he kisses gays ring, Womens ring and illegals asses just to buy the election.     He has done nothing to improve America but starts wars, ASS HOLE.    The people voting for him are stupid and can not see the asshole is bent and stupid.    Obama needs to get over him self and the ones voting for him really need to wake up and smell the coffee.

    It makes me just crazy that people think he did anything he said he would do.    HE SAID IF HE COULD NOT GET IT DONE he would be a one term president.    NOW THAT HE HAS DONE NOTHING he says he needs four more years but with the nut cases believing all of his BS.    If they believe anything this asshole says they might be the ones needing HELP.     IF anyone lied to me as much as he has there is no way I could vote for him.    He has done nothing good to run on so he has to mess up the rights chances.    ROMNEY is not ready, RIGHT LIKE HE IS OR EVER WAS.    The worst president ever, SHIT.    

    If you are on the left and believe even 2% of the BS the left feeds you than you are just as bad as he is.    The damn media has to go just as bad as Obama needs to go.    They are bought and paid for thats for sure.     Obama could never win if not for the stupid ass lying media.    We need to work on getting rid of EVERY ASSHOLE in America.    The media is to blame for Obama getting RE-elected and sticking up for all of the BS.    What can I do if I can not show them that he has done NOTHING HE SAID.    In Iran he would be a good president BUT NOT IN AMERICA.     It has nothing to do with him being black because he said he would do everything BUT NOT.   

    Gary Anderson,    San Diego


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  1. Sagacities

    I admire your passion Gary. I wonder if you’ve considered that your issues with the left could be a product of the right-slanted media you feel drawn to, which is also bought and paid for. They have done an excellent job of dividing us (almost exactly in half if you look at the polls). If the people are divided exactly in half then they are essentially powerless, which ends democracy all together. Both media “sides” are bought and paid for by the same powers. This is done for one end, and that is to reduce your and my power to as close to zero as possible. We need to find common ground if we would like to change anything. I can show you where it is, if you would like.

    September 22, 2012
    1. garyanderson

      Dear Friend,
      For one Obama lies about everything and has nothing to talk about that HE DID. Does he ever talk about what he has done, ALL BS LIES. RIGHT now it is all about what Obama HAS done, NOTHING.
      Gary Anderson, San Diego

      September 23, 2012