OBAMA, What Will Obama Not Lie About ????

Dear Friends,

    For one thing I knew I did not like Obama right after he said sorry for AMERICA, STUPID.    Why did Michelle say America was down right MEAN ????    He starts wars against rich and poor, WHAT AN ASS HOLE.   He starts wars between illegals and TRUE AMERICANS.    Women, black / whites, Hispanics and unions and more.   I KNOW THIS ASS HOLES PLAN IS TO DESTROY AMERICA.    If not he is anyways, NUT BAG.    WHY did he waste 5 trillion on SHIT, TOTAL SHIT.    Why the stimulus did nothing he said like keeping unemployment below 8% ????    Obama Failed and is the worst president America has EVER SEEN.    Like this president or that one, a "B" plus, MY ASS.   Obama should not even be near the WHITE HOUSE never mind running the place.    Whites voted him in but now we do not like him so now we are racists, BS.    We do not like him because he did nothing he said he would do.    Now Obama is on the BUY votes kick, WE KNOW YOUR TRICKS ASS HOLE.    Bash the right, bash Bush, Bash Romney, Bash Ryan, Make shit up, Bash the Republicans and so much more BS.     To vote for Obama would be voting for a LIAR, loser, fake ASS HOLE.    You would trust a man that DID NOTHING HE SAID ????    HE KEEPS lying about his FAKE 4 million JOBS he created, BS.    Why did the unemployment rate go to 8.3% ????     Why is Obama more than happy to discuss his drinking, smoking pot and doing blow, the ASS HOLE should be in jail.    Obama said he was a radical and I believe him.    ALL OF HIS FRIENDS were radical, communist, marxist, socialist ASS HOLES.   He had to appoint so many czars because that is the only way they could get in.    The media knows Obama lies but they are on HIS SIDE, BS.    The drive by media lies also and says Biden is more of a Christian than Ryan.    Where the hell does the drive by stupid ass media get their facts ????    I could never ever vote for a liar that has done NOTHING he said.    LIAR LIAR LIAR OBAMA.   Gay marriage and legal illegals, BULL SHIT.   

     Gary Anderson,    San Diego       

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  1. uneverknow
    Look at the numerous posters below decrying Obama as a disgrace, traitor and on an on… what a shame, very sad it is.

    With all the lies being swirled about by the meanstream press, Mitt-twits, Ryan, Akin, and others in an effort to undermine President Obama, I’m suprised he doesn’t follow suit and call you slimeballs what you are!

    You seem believe all the propaganda and lies that have innundated Obama since he became president.
    Does it feel good to be so duped ?

    You forgot one question ….

    Is Obama an American citizen ?

    And you don’t understand what a Muslim is, nor a Communist, a Dictator, a Marxist or a Socialist !
    So study a lot and learn what all these terms actually mean.

    We keep getting all this crap about Obama. Is he a Muslim. a Marxist, a dictator, a communist, a socialist, the Antichrist, a supporter of Hitler, a non American. The list is endless BS! If you don’t like the way he is running the country fair enough, just say you disagree with his health care plans, or you don’t like his foreign policy, or you disagree with what he is doing in Afghanistan. Or you could just say you don’t like him because he is black.
    Either way, stop talking crap and be honest.

    For starters, we knew all along that he was born in the US, and a birth certificate was issued before the election and Most of you Klansmans has been bashing his wife for being fat – largely associated with her healthy eating campaign. racist name-calling to as “Moochelle” on this website!

    What happened to head Klasnam Romney? I thought you losers were supposed to propmt him up as the next Ray-gun, why create Bullshit lies about Obama?

    f Obama really were a secret Kenyan Klingon Islamist communist socialist terrorist community organizer intent on destroying America, wouldn’t he have done it already? No because he’s not.

    He doesn’t hate America, either. You losers can’t admit you hate having black people in your lily White House! If i’m not mistaken bush is the one who planted all this mayhem on obama’s lap so I don’t think its easy to fix damage like that in just four years time.

    He is not destroying USA and the rest of the World, but those who control him and who gave him the position and sponsored it. It’s not important is he communist, Muslim or whatever, because he don’t decides of anything by himself.

    August 25, 2012
    1. jillsthoughts

      Gary Anderson from San Diego is just the guy to turn people off of all republicans. I like to let him rant. He makes the right wing look like idiots.

      August 25, 2012